Benefits of Playing Video Games

People just love playing video games. They spend hours to play the games. Other than having fun video games, it has other benefits too. From boosting your memory to team building. It offers you immense benefits.

Here is the list of benefits-

Boost the Memory

Many studies found that video games are good for memory. There is no clear report how the video games help to strong the memory. But, A study found that the Hippo campus, which associates with complex learning and memory does alter while playing video games.

Help in Coordination

Video games increase the coordination. They helps Zero-in impressive levels of hand-eye coordination. To keep this benefit in mind, Video games are helping the surgeon’s to improve the coordination while doing surgery to perform the tasks in very limited space.

New research found that fast paced games like PUBG, counter strike and clash and clashes helps in decision making.

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Good for cognitive health

Video games help with overall cognitive health. They are good in decision making, grab the attention. And helps in mind harness.

Reduce Stress and Depression

Having stress? Or depression? Better to play the video games.

Studies have shown that video games help in reduce the stress and depression.

Video games divert your mind from actual problem and helps you to concentrate and becoming the calm. Studies showed that video games helps you to reduce your heartbeat and supply the good harmons in your body to fight from stress.

Next time, If you deal with depression or stress, play the video games.

Decision building

It’s no longer a doubt that video games sharpen your decision making. Army and airforce train their soldiers in video games to make the better decision.

Before flying the aircraft, They have to pass the video game test.

As well as in other fields too, companies organizes video game championships just to sharpen the decision making.

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Its 2018 and playing video games isn’t a hobby anymore. gamers are making money while playing it. There are a lot of you tubers who are making millions through just playing games. They play live on you tube and ask for donation. while some sponsored by the brands such as intel processors and more.

Gaming companies hire the gamers just to find the bug and improve the game. PUBG and other companies hired hundreds of gamers just to play games. Quite awesome.right?



Best Earbuds Under $100

Best Earbuds Under $100

Here are the best earbuds under $100-

1More Triple-Driver In-ears

1More Triple-Driver In-ears

1More Earbuds is the best earbuds in cheap price. It is well designed and delivers profound audio experience. It fits properly in ear. It has 3 drivers which creates high end surrounding sounds in ear.

Its lightweight alloy matches the ear canals. So, It doesn’t cause pain to ear.

Company provided the 3- button remote to control the music and take calls. Also, The earbud is loaded with noise isolation feature.

Here are features of 1More Earbud-

. Three drivers

. Ergonomic Design

. Intelligent Control Technology



Sony MDR is cheap and best earbud under $100. Since, The sony is a leading electronic company, So, There is no doubt of quality of MDR-XB90EX.

It has some cool features direct vibe structure forms and In-ear canal fit. You may enjoy the music with extra base and high end sound.

Its tangle free cord has tiny grooves which saves it from falling out.

Shure SE215

Shure SE215


Shure SE215 is a sound isolating earphone. It is very popular among people. Its unique design stands out against others.

It has following features-

. Isolation- 37DB

. 107 db SPL/mw Sensitivity

. 17 Impedance

. 22Hz-17.5kHz Frequency Range

. 64 Detachable cable

. 3 Colour variants

. Dynamic microDriver

ThinkSound MS01

ThinkSound MS01

Best designed Earbud among the all. It has wooden code design. Which creates the royal feel. Filled with noise isolation in-ear design and wooden housing aluminum baffle. It has 4 sized ear fittings and active lifestyle ear hooks.

Focal Sphear

Focal Sphear

Focal Sphear has sleek design includes light and discreet. It has high-end finishes secured by steel ring and grille. It has a biggest transducer 10.8mm. Focal Sphere is popular of its natural sound from low to end to high end. Company used high quality material to manufacture the product. Its non-breakable and deformation.

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Most popular PC video games in 2018

most popular games in 2018

We have compiled a list of most popular PC Games in 2018. We measured the many factors to create this list. As rating points, voting pole and playing time and so on.

During the research, We found Some games which released years ago are still popular, like, League of Legends and Dota 2. While, Some other games as PUBG and Counter-Strike grab the top positions.  

You can vote to your favorite games at the end of this post. We would update the results as soon as we get your votes.

So, Without any delay, Here goes the list of most popular PC games –

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds- PUBG


PUBG holds the 1st position in our list. It got the most votes from audience. It’s the talk of town. Everybody is playing it like crazy. The average time a gamer spends on PUBG is almost 2 hours a day. Which makes the game top rated.

It has 3D graphics which makes the playing experience realistics. Map and Guns work as real.

They created the war mode for those one who dont wanna affect their rankings.

You have to pay the money to play in on PC.

On the serious note, PUBG is gonna hold the 1st position till the years.

League of Legends

League of Legends released in 2009. Still, It is so popular that makes it the hold the 2nd position in list. It is a multiplayer online battle game. Rito Games published it in microsoft windows and Mac OS X version. The best part of its free so you don’t have to pay a single buck. In game, players play the role of character and play against the computer controlled system.

Counter strike

Released in 2012 by Valve Corporation and Hidden Path Entertainment, Counter strike is the one of the top PC game.

It too has a same theme as PUBG and League of Legends. You have to kill the opponents. You can play in in team or individually, according to your wimps in online or offline mode, which one you prefer.

Since, Its a free. Don’t worry to download it.  

Dota 2

Dota 2 released in 2012 by Valve Corporation is a multiplayer video game. It has a same concept as Defence of the ancients Warcraft. It’s free and work in both windows and Mac.

Dota 2 plays between 2 teams of 5 players, each of which occupies a stronghold at a corner of the map.

Here ends the list of top PC games in 2018. We invite your valuable votes to make this list more authentic.